Production ERP System- for Hosiery & Garment Industries

Production ERP System- for Hosiery & Garment Industriesis the clear choice for your Production control and Inventory Tracking needs. It brings together the most powerful features in an incredibly appealing user interface. The graphical design and layout make it very easy to learn and use. Since the program was written completely in VB6, it can be easily customized to fit your business. It has a strong back bone of Microsoft Access/ SQL Server. Specially designed for Hosiery & Garment Industries that have large amounts of data.

Product Highlights:

   Full Control Over Production House

   Reduce Production Cost

   Higher Productivity


  • Production ERP
  • Flow Chart
  • General Features
  • Data Entry
  • Production Reports
  • Salary Report





  Powerful Manufacturing Features.

  Employee Salary Tracking.

  Stock/Inventory Transfer.

  User Friendly Interface.

  Without error saves entries very fast.

  Ideal of all production units Hosiery & Textile.

  Easy way to Control over all the Steps In-house or Out-house.

  Control N Number of Departments.






           Packing …..etc

  Find the Product /Job Costing.

  Lot Status Tracking the Manufacturing (Process Wise).

  Receipt of Order from Customer & Dispatch.

  Full Inventory/ Stock Tracking.

          Raw Material

          Finished Goods

  User Level Security.

  Export Reports into MS Excel.

  Accurate calculation, based on four decimal places.

  Labor salary calculation, payment & account management.

  Running in Reputed industries.




                   Purchase Entry

                   Stock Transfer

                   RM Issue

                   RM Return

                   Cloth Processing

                           Cloth Receipt

                           In House Processing ( i.e.- Mending, Final Checking etc)



                           Job Work (i.e.- Dyeing, Tubeler, Washing etc.) 

                           Outward Challan

                           Inward Challan

                   Fabrication Order

                   Fabrication Receipt (i.e.- Cutting/Knitting)

                   Lot Issue (i.e.- Stiching, Overlock, Checking, Packing, etc.)

                   Lot Receipt

                   Job Work Ag. Challan (Out house Processing)

                           Outward Challan

                           Inward Challan 

                       Lot Wise Expenses

                   Production Entry

                   Finished Stock Transfer

                   Sale Challan

                   Transfer Challan (Raw Material)

                   Order Form

                   Order Receipt

                   Employee Attendance


                   Last Status (All/Single)

                   Lot Status  (LOT Wise)

                   Lot Status  (Process Wise)

                   Lot Status  (In Wise)

                   Consumption Chart

                   Fabrication Order Report

                   Fabrication Report

                   Fabrication AvgWt.

                   Job Work ( Out House)

                          Inward Challan

                          OutWard Challan

                   Fabrication Pending PO

                   Design In Process

                   Damage Report

                    Account Reports

                   Stock Report

                   Item Flow Statement (Party Wise)

                   Stock Report (Ag. Challan Wise) 

                   Purchase Report

                   Stock Transfer

                   RM Report

                           RM Issue Report

                           RM Wastage

                           RM Balance Stock with Cutter/Fabricater

                           RM Transfer Report

                   Job Work (Cloth Processing) Challan Details

                   Trial Balance

                   Opening Trial Balance

                   Pending Order

                   Production Report

                   Production Summery

                   Sale - Item Wise

                   Finished Stock

                   Finished Stock Flow Statement (Art No Wise)


                  Salary Detail                 Note:- Contract Based Employee

                  Salary Summary (All/ Department Wise)

                  Salary Payment

                  Salary Status (All/ Department Wise)

                  Salary Statement (Employee Wise)