About Raj Software

Raj Software delivers significant business benefits to its customers through its value proposition. Our stringent quality measures instill immense confidence in our customers and they rely on us to provide them with low-risk, high-quality development and maintenance of services.

Our application development group encompasses the entire software application life-cycle, from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout. We conduct in-depth research and then guide you to select the optimal technology toolkit. Our product analysis covers all possible aspects like performance, scalability, reliability, availability and budget.

Project planning is perhaps the most critical part of the entire development process. We implement tried and tested project management schemes that successfully mitigate all risks and allow our customers to be involved in the development process at any level of detail. Project release schedule and major milestones are discussed at the very first stages, allowing you to keep your project within strict budget and time constraints

Product design is critical for commercial success in the market. We are committed to design products using industry wide prevalent best design principles. Our experts ensure the product architecture is optimized for further product version releases to maximize product profits.

Our development teams consist of highly experienced developers, who are aware of the latest product development technologies.

After product deployment, our experts remain available for on-going technical product support. We also provide automated and live product support services to effectively serve your customers in multiple client locations and across various time zones.

Raj Software Technologies offers a comprehensive package of Software Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing services. We believe in maximizing the quality and performance of software solutions for our clients while reducing the costs and risks. Our QA and Testing services ensure that solutions are tested rigorously, using industry-standard testing methods and QA processes.

We dedicate engineers with the appropriate skill set and experience to your quality assurance programs who work collaboratively to define clear testing objectives and a comprehensive testing process. Our Quality Assurance and Testing teams devote significant time in understanding user behavior of applications and devise test cases and scripts in compliance with this behavior.